Taking Steps To Free Yourself

If you are anything like me, your mind is always running, thinking of new ideas and getting caught up in daydreams of what you could be doing with your time if you just had the time to do it.

Balance is integral to having the focus one needs to tackle their goals and tasks head on.
How do we take the time to prioritize the things we focus on while staying balanced in our actions and approaches?

Get organized!
I can’t express how important this is. Clutter gets in the way of progress. Wherever you work, think or relax, should be an environment where you are free of the things that distract you from the task at hand.

Your work space should be organized to do work. All of the tools that you need should be in arms reach and organized so you know where it is right when you need it. This helps to keep you focused. Work can be done with focused bursts of intensity allowing time for breaks in between. I personally like the Pomodoro technique. I use an online timer when needed to facilitate my work and rest breaks which can be found below.

Online Pomodoro Timer

Your relaxing space should be just that; relaxing. Free of distractions, that bring your attention to work and mental to do lists. A little effort goes a long way in keeping your relaxing areas…..relaxing. Keep things organized and clean. Take the action needed so you always have a place to go when it’s time to wind down.

It’s also important to have things that motivate and inspire you placed constructively in your me space. For instance; in my office, I have a picture of my wife on our wedding day. She always reminds me what I am working hard for.

To paraphrase, being organized and free of clutter helps us to focus on what is important. Being inspired and motivated can keep us on task when the going gets tough. And for a large number of us, the going gets tough everyday while we aspire to bigger and better things.

Free your mind with exercise
Exercising will build your confidence. You will have levels of energy that you haven’t had since you were younger. As you exercise, you will want to eat healthier. Your body will ask for healthy foods as you naturally crave the foods that replenish and nourish you. It is easier than you think to get started. I find that it is much easier to start exercising with other people who share a common goal and support your growth. If you just get a gym membership and rely on yourself alone, you are stacking the odds against you. Why not make it easier on yourself and join a group class. Find something dynamic that uses body weight and not weights alone. Watch what happens as your body becomes active again.

Use services like Amazon Local, Groupon and Living Social to try out new activities at low costs. Try out Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance Lessons or a Cross Fit Class. Try a few and choose what you like best. Just as there is someone for everyone, there is something for everyone out there. I guarantee that you will surprise yourself and find a good fit.

All exercise will teach you to live in the present. The feeling is distinct and can only be recognized by experiencing it. With exercise it happens by default.

Exercise will be an essential building block in giving you the energy to become the changes you want to see.

It will be a fundamental aspect in obtaining the balance in life needed to break free and maintain happiness. More on exercise in a future blog.

Know what it is that you want to focus on and begin to break free
What are the things in life that you frequently find yourself thinking about?

What are the activities that you always seem to have energy for?

Notice the above, write them down and put them in a place where they are available to you throughout the day.

These can be

-A cell phone calendar reminder every morning

-A post it note on your bathroom mirror

-A folder on your desktop

Wherever you choose, make it work for you

Challenge yourself to change your focus by living your true self
It is easy to forget who we are while we are unsatisfied in our careers and living day to day. The reason for this is because we are in survival mode. Just like animals do their best to adapt to harsh conditions, we adapt to our environments to best succeed. This does not happen without consequence.
In doing this, over time, we can forget what made us tick in the first place. We become tense in our bodies and mind. When we become tense, our breath becomes shallow and we feel heavy from burden. These sensations over time can lead to ailments and depression.

The good news is that this is a great place to be!

In order to change we must first be aware of where we are.

Let’s get back to challenging ourselves. I’d like to use the word challenge carefully. In simple terms, I want you to remember who it is you wanted to be, what you enjoyed before you became stuck. What it is you enjoy now, and start to incorporate these things into your everyday life. You don’t need to obsess and forget everything else. Remind yourself what it is that you liked about these activities in the first place.

Share these interests with others by finding or creating activity groups. I use meetup.com to find like minded people.


Don’t just keep everything online. Go outside and create new experiences. As you become active in being yourself, begin to incorporate your interests into more areas of your life. If you think of an exciting project incorporating your interests, write it down, and add it to your focus reminders. Begin to work on it during your free time and remember to always keep it fun.

Renewed interests bring renewed energy
In order for a light bulb to stay lit, it needs to be excited. When we become excited, we become energized. When we become energized we become passionate. When we find passion, we create momentum. With momentum, we can run.

Run with your passions and allow them to define you.

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