Costco Zen

A weekend trip to Costco has always been an assault to my senses.  The shopping cart traffic jams, center aisle shoppers, race to the finish checkout lines, and dangerous objects in the middle of the road (ie: your kids) have always driven me a bit nutty.

What has always started off as an optimistic excursion has always ended up leaving me exhausted, frustrated and on edge.

Sometimes the best places to find some peace are the ones you may think are the most unlikely.

During my last trip to Costco, for the first time I relegated shopping cart duties to my wife, who graciously accepted.  This gave me time to work on my perspective.  I breathed deeply through the traffic jams.  I worried for the safety of the dazed, hunger filled children and flip flop shoppers blocking our path.  I found compassion, calm, and humour in the pace of it all. I smiled, and noticed other calm minds throughout the crowd.

Granted, I had to give up the shopping cart in order to find some peace.  With time I believe I can work my way back up to cart duties and may even learn a thing or two.  As funny as it may sound,  the lessons I have taught myself at Costco can be taken with me through life’s journeys.

Where do you go that drives you crazy?
Sometimes little changes can help you gain perspective.
What actions can you take to balance your own outcomes?
What can you take with you from your experience?

I had a martial arts instructor who as a child, studied in the mountains of Korea in isolation of the outside world.  He believed in meditation and included it in his teachings.  He once told me that the best place to meditate is not on an isolated mountain side, but in a city.  I didn’t understand as I believed the calm, quiet, beauty and isolation of the mountains would go hand in hand with meditation.  My instructor said, “It is too easy to meditate while surrounded by nature,  the noisy, busy city is a much better place to practice finding inner peace.  If you can find quiet in the city then you can find it anywhere”.

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