Although I am tired, I stand.  Although my legs feel weak, I walk.  Although my eyes want to shut, I keep my stare fixed.  I am the worker, and I can do this all week long.  Try me…..one day I’ll find a better way

Where ever we are in life, no matter how tired we are of the daily grind.  We push on.  Every day many of us are woken up by alarm clocks in the middle of rem sleep but we persevere.  We get up, hobble out of bed, drunk off of exhaustion feeling like a train just hit us; but we move.   We do this for the people we love, and we do this for ourselves.

We have hopes, desires, and dreams that one day we will be free to live a life of our own calling.  We know deep down that a restful night is only a hop, skip, and a jump away, and we hear a beckon call to follow our dreams and keep on moving.  We sometimes forget what we are capable of, but we put faith in ourselves.  We have made it this far.

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