Be the best version of you

I have been insincere to myself for quite a while, starving myself of the things that make me so individually me.  This has led to confusion, depression, and a lost sense of self.  Recently I have been making an effort to build the life I want to live.  I feel reinvigorated, alive, creative and optimistic.

Although we have so much potential, many of us get stuck trying to make others proud, trying to fit in with our peers, and we are left feeling unaccomplished.  I believe we get this way because we give up being uniquely ourselves.

Whatever dreams you had as a child or young adult; give yourself another chance.  If you have been out of the loop for a while, you will find it refreshing to be once again working on something that makes you who you are.

Work on the things you love because you enjoy them, and not because you need to make money off of them.

Start slowly, don’t quite your day job.  You will feel more balanced, optimistic and energetic.

Build your life around the things that make you uniquely you and you will  become the best version of yourself.

Have a good day everyone!

One thought on “Be the best version of you

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