Martial Arts injuries and prevention

I have definitely had a few injuries while training martial arts.

  • I have over extended my knee by misjudging a kicking target, I was out for over a month.
  • Got stitches in my foot after slicing it open on the base of a free standing kicking bag.
  • I have over stretched during the splits when I first started training. That took years to properly heal.
  • I’ve also blown out my shoulder, due to a weak rotator cuff.
  • I have had a minor tear in the meniscus during rolling

What I have learned

Before training I do joint rotations and dynamic stretches every time.

I also no longer do static stretching before a work out, leaving it for after the workout or independently on off days.

Also, know your limits, and understand distancing and focus.  Don’t show off!

Build up the muscles that you utilize while training  with body weight exercises and low weight/ high rep for weight training.  (Check out Elastic Steel on you tube for some great tips)

Take your time, be patient, proper technique will only be reached with repetitive practice.

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