I have simplified my goals by changing them into intentions

The words we use are important.  The words we choose when we speak and write defines the way we think.

I have always had goals.  Some I have reached and some have been  forgotten.  I used to follow my goal sheet religiously.   Every six months I would cross out the goals I had reached, create new ones and then do it all over again.  Always reaching for a tangible moment of satisfaction, living through it and then wanting more.

For years, I had been living for the future.  Living to see those goals transpire before my eyes, only to add new ones the minute they came to fruition.

Lately, I have been focusing on being the best version of me! and made some simple but bold changes.  As I look in the proverbial mirror, I am a changed man.

I have never had so much momentum as I do now.  I have never had as much energy as I do today.

My old goals have fallen by the waist side and my Goal sheet has been ignored.  I no longer chase what can only be reached.

Intentions have no ending, no fleeting  place to reach to. but…within my intentions I can always strive to be my best.

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