To be

The present is where I aim to stay.  Actively living in the present keeps my focus on the moment.  In the moment, I forget about my ego.  I don’t need to talk or ramble, worry, feel stressed or burdened.  In the present, my focus is in the moment and on my breath.  I follow my breath which guides me back to my center. Once I find my center, my energy or life force expands outwards and mixes in with my surroundings. Although I am an individual, and solid in mass, I know I am interconnected with the world which surrounds me.  I am grounded and celestial.  I am a part of the current of time and space.  When I stop, listen and feel, I can find myself.

Taking Steps To Free Yourself

If you are anything like me, your mind is always running, thinking of new ideas and getting caught up in daydreams of what you could be doing with your time if you just had the time to do it.

Balance is integral to having the focus one needs to tackle their goals and tasks head on.
How do we take the time to prioritize the things we focus on while staying balanced in our actions and approaches? Continue reading