A few thoughts on martial arts forms

Forms can be

-An encyclopedia for techniques within a system

-A way to build muscle, speed, flexibility,and power in areas otherwise undeveloped or underdeveloped

-Unrealistic and dangerous when not understood and when practiced within an improper context

-Monumental in making you a better fighter when practiced properly, understood, and put into proper context, within a style and with a Teacher that can teach (Muscle, speed, flexibility, power,technique, flow). At the same time, practicing forms is not the same as fighting.

-A moving meditation which puts you in a state of flow, or the zone,  placing you in the present

I find some systems and Teachers use forms much better than others

To be

The present is where I aim to stay.  Actively living in the present keeps my focus on the moment.  In the moment, I forget about my ego.  I don’t need to talk or ramble, worry, feel stressed or burdened.  In the present, my focus is in the moment and on my breath.  I follow my breath which guides me back to my center. Once I find my center, my energy or life force expands outwards and mixes in with my surroundings. Although I am an individual, and solid in mass, I know I am interconnected with the world which surrounds me.  I am grounded and celestial.  I am a part of the current of time and space.  When I stop, listen and feel, I can find myself.